Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Reason #29: He's a Competitive Sports Player!

I cheered my DH on in his first game of the season with the church softball league tonight. He's a bit rusty, and more than a bit out of shape, but my man's still "got it"! He was so cute today, worrying about the game tonight. He went to the batting cages; he practiced throwing balls with Mia; he bought new cleats and conditioned his ball glove; he even looked up the softball rules on the internet to refresh his memory.

He played catcher on the church team for years, but it was fifteen years ago! Tonight, he played a catcher again. He went two for three--hitting two doubles--and he caught two foul balls, and tagged one out at home. Most of the team members acted impressed with his performance. One of the onlookers commented, "He's a pretty competitive player, isn't he?" I heard one guy say, "Wow! He did good!" after DH made solid contact with the bat and sank it into a hole deep in left field, paving the way for a double. On his second time at bat, DH hit another double, and one team member shouted, "Take two! Full steam ahead!" DH hustled, and made it to second base, but he told me later, "I didn't have the heart to tell him I was already running full steam ahead!" He got some good comments from the coach, and lots of good-natured ribbing about being the oldest guy on the team.

One thing is sure, DH is gonna be sore tomorrow! He called my cell phone while I was picking up a few groceries after work, and asked me to bring him home some "icy hot"--planning ahead for the pain. Those leg muscles got a work-out tonight; all that squatting at the batter's box!

I think it will be a good experience for DH to get back out and play a little ... as long as he doesn't hurt himself! It's fun to cheer for our team, and for him, and show the world that I'm his biggest fan!