Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Birthday, Honey!

DH had his 42nd birthday, September 19. It's been a tough season for him. I don't know if it's "mid-life crisis" or "spiritual warfare" or both. I do know that he has been asking lots of questions about his gifts and calling as a pastor.

It's been hard for the whole family to have me working full-time. Quite frankly, we simply aren't making it financially and haven't been for a few years. Working full-time has helped, but the expenses still are greater than the income. We seriously need to downsize, but if we move... it's too difficult to fathom–whether it would be across town or across the continent, it would be a huge endeavor.

I forgot to mention that it's a seasonal pattern for DH (and thousands or even millions of people) to experience depression in the fall. It's called Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it's especially prevalent in northern regions, like ALASKA! So, we have tried to take all the necessary precautions and treatments available; light therapy, medications, vitamins, exercise, etc.. Just looking out the window, knowing that the darkness and the cold are encroaching upon us, is depressing!

We didn't do very much to celebrate DH's birthday. No cake, no balloons, no party. But, he did have a birthday lunch with his staff, (I was able to take an extended lunch break to attend) and he did get presents and cards, and a fruit pie.

I'm always pretty lame in the gift-giving department, but I gave him a card and a candy bar, and I cleaned the house for him (probably the most appreciated effort, since his "love language" is acts of service and domestic support.) The kids and I ordered a gift for him on-line, but it hasn't arrived yet, unfortunately.

He got to go moose-hunting with a couple of guys from church; a medic and a wilderness guide, so I wasn't too worried! He had fun, but they didn't get a moose. (Too bad, it would have helped to get a freezer-full of moose meat; it tastes great mixed with ground beef in meals like spaghetti and tacos.)

We had a very nice evening together on the night before his birthday. He took me up to Murphy Dome, where the elevation is above tree level, and we watched the sunset together, holding hands. We took lots of pictures, too. We also had a great time in bed, later that night. I would normally not mention that, but it is a very important aspect of a relationship and this is all about meeting each other's needs: and sex is a big one for most men! (DH is convinced that it helps to raise my seratonin levels also; I won't argue with him, but I've heard that chocolate does as well. :-) )

Another year, another birthday, another day to be thankful that we have each other. I really do love you, Honey–I hope your birthday was happy, and I pray that all your days will be happier!