Monday, February 11, 2008

Reason #38: He's Hot-Blooded!

In honor of Valentine's Day, and in celebration of the end of a two-week long cold spell:

We have had temperatures hovering at around 40 below zero for weeks, and that is COLD! It's hard to even describe the chill in the lungs, the freezing of the nasal passages, ice fog so thick you can't see 100 yard in front of you, vehicles not starting (even though they have been plugged in), etc. Ah, such is life in Alaska!

My hubby has always been hot-blooded. The term "hot-blooded" basically means having an average body temperature higher than that of the surroundings. The family has grown accustomed to wearing several layers of fleece, because DH keeps the thermostat reading at 60 degrees! He is affectionately known as the "polar bear" around home and office.

He is also a very normal, typical male member of the species known as "Homo Sapians." This means that he is hot-blooded in terms of passion as well as temperature.  As a reminder, he brought me this book home from his recent trip:
“Real ideas that real–life couples can put into practice immediately—that’s what I love about Red Hot Monogamy! All the biblical truth and godly love life advice I’ve ever heard—and more—is simply and beautifully wrapped up in this one practical book." (Read more reader reviews here.)

I love my "hot-blooded" man!