Thursday, April 27, 2006

Reason #27: He has a Pleasant Voice!

DH has a very nice "easy-listening" voice. His tonal quality is a sort of bass-baritone, with a pleasant resonance: not too "nasal" or with too much vibrato. He has what is often called a "radio voice" -- thankfully, without the "face that was made for radio"!

There is a radio program called "Nightsounds" hosted by Bill Pierce, that "offers excitingly beautiful and mellow music and verbal support, to meet the spiritual, emotional and ... physical needs of ... listeners who need a touch of quiet, soul satisfying inspiration and hope...". This is the kind of program that DH could easily step into, as a radio host.

I played a portion of the program over the internet, and DH instantly recognized the voice, and named the program! It's been years since we both heard that program; after all, it's only on in the "wee hours" of the morning; but with internet access, and the time difference, we can listen to it now at early evening hours!

I've often said that DH should "moonlight" as a radio host for a religious program, on a local radio station. He truly has a pleasant voice.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Reason #26: He Can Sing!

Moving on to the next 25 reasons, I'd like to cheat a bit and emphasize two aspects of the same subject: his voice! My DH has a pleasant voice, which I will elaborate on more in Reason #26.

Since we both recently participated in our church Easter Musical presentation, I have to say that I am proud of my DH. He can sing! He was a valuable asset to the bass section, and I hope I helped to contribute to the soprano section.

DH was a late bloomer, in regards to vocal accomplishment. He went away to college, took a few voice lessons, and surprised everyone who knew him when he came home and sang a solo in church.

Of course, it's no surprise to me that he can sing. That was one of the requirements on my list for a future mate! We sang together during long romantic walks on our college campus. We sang together in Revivaltime Choir, a famous traveling college choir and radio broadcast program. We sang together in churches and nursing homes.

DH hasn't done a whole lot of singing, though. He sang "It is Well With My Soul" at his grandmother's funeral about four years ago. I think that's the last time he sang a solo.

A voice is like an instrument. If it gets out of practice, the voice gets a little "rusty" and crackly. DH said he had a bit of trouble with his voice, during the rehearsals and even the actual presentation. But, I'm sure no one else would have noticed.

I hope that DH continues to sing, exercising his instrument for God's glory!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

"I just don't love him anymore!"

(April FOOL's!)

In this lame attempt at an April Fool's joke, I have copied an article with some very good advice about a subject that is no joke!

Do I love my husband?

QuestionI've been married for 20 years to a kind, but boring, man. I have always gone out with my friends and had a good time, but recently I met a man at a club and I can't stop thinking about him. I even sent him an email through Friends Reunited, but he hasn't replied.

Now I'm very depressed and don't know if I love my husband any more. I have told him how I feel, and although he says he is willing to change and that we'll do more together, I think it's too late. How can I feel so strongly about a man I've only known for two hours?

AnswerIt sounds as if you've been unhappy with your marriage for a while, and now you've met someone you like, that unhappiness seems really clear. All the negative emotion you've been pushing down has come shooting up - so you feel angry, upset and rejecting towards your husband. And all the positive emotion you haven't felt for years has also come shooting up - so you feel passionate, needy and obsessed with this other man.

Problem is, what you feel for him isn't real and it isn't love. You don't know him so you can't possibly love him, care for him or build a relationship with him. Plus, of course, there's no evidence that he wants you.

This is tough talking, I know, but you need to realise two things. First, what you're feeling for this man is not the basis for leaving your husband. Secondly, that something is wrong with your marriage and you need to sort it out.

It's almost certainly possible to mend your relationship with your husband if the two of you are willing to try. But you won't be able to do it alone. Arrange some counselling sessions with Relate. If through the sessions you realise that your marriage is at an end, the counsellor will help you part in the best possible way.

The bottom line here, hard though it is, is that what you feel for this man does not mean that you and he have a future together. But he has given you a gift - the courage to sort your life out!

Seriously, if you can relate to this article, I pray that you will find someone to offer counsel and spiritual guidance for your relationship.