Saturday, August 02, 2008

Thank you to a commenter: and a plea...

Thanks to a wonderful commenter, Sun, on, sponsors of the Extreme Blog Makeover Contest. Sun writes:
I think glorybeam who writes the blog, "Why I Love My Husband" deserves the blog makeover, because her blog is about something worthwhile. It is honest and touching in places, and humorous in other places. I know I will be eagerly awaiting her future blog posts.
And now, a shameless plea: I need an Extreme Blog Makeover! Please go to and vote for Glory (second from bottom). I promise I will write more blog posts...

The issue here, as always, is my pride. It's hard for me to promote something I feel embarrassed about, and my blog itself is embarrassing to me... I labored long and hard a few years ago to set up a blog on blogger, learning some CSS, buying a book on Dreamweaver, going to various websites that teach html--but I'm too old for this stuff. Everything I learn either gets updated and outdated too quickly, or doesn't get retained in my weary brain for the next time I need it!

I do have a message, something to say that I believe "is worthwhile" and I want it to be seen and heard by as many people as possible. In fact, lately I've been thinking about what would happen if tomorrow was my last day on earth, and I've been praying that God would help me to live each day as if it was my last. I think that if I knew I wouldn't be around the day after tomorrow, I'd be writing--frantically typing--as fast as I could, to my husband, to my daughter, to my son, to my mom, to my family, to my friends, to everyone I know, to the world... Like the song, "I want to leave a legacy" and the best way I know how is to write what is in my heart.

So, vote for me... better yet, pray for me...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why I Love My Husband: Why I need an Extreme Blog MakeOver!

Why I Love My Husband: Why I need an Extreme Blog MakeOver!

Why I need an Extreme Blog MakeOver!

I started this blog back in 2005, exactly three years ago. I'm still just over a third of the way through my list of 100 Reasons Why I Love My Husband...

The Inspiration Behind "100 Reasons..."

I have to admit, I was taken aback by the title of a blog I saw. It can be found by searching for "...I Hate My Husband" on Google. What a sad story! Yet, just this morning I found myself thinking more negatively than positively about my own relationship with my husband. I decided, then and there, to put into action a thought I had about focusing on the good things. It's all about perspective. "Garbage in=garbage out!"
When I choose to dwell on "whatsoever things are lovely, pure, and of good report..." it affects my whole outlook. So, it's time for some serious reflections on the man I married... and why I CHOOSE to LOVE him!

Three years and 39 Reasons later, I still CHOOSE to love my husband. I just need a motivational "kick" to finish what I started. I know that people need to hear the message that love is a choice! Marriages are suffering; husband and wife relationships are strained--and people often buy into the lie that they can and should end their marriage based on how they feel or don't feel. What ever happened to commitment, what about the vows made at the altar?

If you agree with the message and the meaning behind this blog, please be sure to vote for my Extreme Blog Makeover!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Reason #39: He's heavenly-minded!

Looking Towards Heaven
I love the name of this blog.

Destination: Heaven
I love the name of this post.

Treasures in Heaven
I love the name of this book.

I've been setting my mind on things above, not on earthly things. (Col. 3:2)

I love my heavenly-minded husband, who often quips, "You can't threaten me with heaven!" (meaning: it's no threat to think of dying and going to heaven. It's not a punishment, it's a reward.)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Reason #38: He's Hot-Blooded!

In honor of Valentine's Day, and in celebration of the end of a two-week long cold spell:

We have had temperatures hovering at around 40 below zero for weeks, and that is COLD! It's hard to even describe the chill in the lungs, the freezing of the nasal passages, ice fog so thick you can't see 100 yard in front of you, vehicles not starting (even though they have been plugged in), etc. Ah, such is life in Alaska!

My hubby has always been hot-blooded. The term "hot-blooded" basically means having an average body temperature higher than that of the surroundings. The family has grown accustomed to wearing several layers of fleece, because DH keeps the thermostat reading at 60 degrees! He is affectionately known as the "polar bear" around home and office.

He is also a very normal, typical male member of the species known as "Homo Sapians." This means that he is hot-blooded in terms of passion as well as temperature.  As a reminder, he brought me this book home from his recent trip:
“Real ideas that real–life couples can put into practice immediately—that’s what I love about Red Hot Monogamy! All the biblical truth and godly love life advice I’ve ever heard—and more—is simply and beautifully wrapped up in this one practical book." (Read more reader reviews here.)

I love my "hot-blooded" man!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Reason #37: He's a loving, supportive son!

I almost lost track of what number I'm on. Yes, it has been a while since I posted -- almost a year, actually! Sadly, it was an unintentional sabbatical. I just kept putting it off. But, after checking the stats and comments, I realized that at least 30 people a day are still stopping by this site, and it inspired me to continue inspiring all those who do searches on "why I love my husband" or "reasons I love him".

I have to admit that I was "scared off" by fear and pride. I'm struggling to adjust to the younger generation's world of virtual reality, and social networking. This is my personal journal, but it's posted on a public forum. How much self-disclosure is too much? At what point do I begin violating my own privacy?

As a member of the "sandwich generation" we struggle daily with the pull of raising teenagers, and caring for elderly parents. The pressure has become glaringly evident recently, as DH went home for his father's surgery. In her own words, DH's older sister described what that entailed:
This past week has truly been a family affair. Our brother was at the house with mom until he flew home yesterday. He's cooked and cleaned for mom, chaufered her and has been grocery shopping more times than he probably cares to admit. We've appreciated his help. My son stayed with mom last night. We have someone stay with her, because she is unsteady on her feet and we don't want her to fall without someone in the house. It's strictly for peace of mind.

I've been at the hospital with dad most of the time. My brother stayed with dad Monday night and I stayed with mom, my son stayed with dad Tuesday night and I slept in my own bed for the first time in 6 nights.

Our other sister was off work Thursday and Friday, last week. She spent all day in the hospital with us and was here during the day on the weekend, also. She has helped transfer mom back and forth from home to the hospital and has been a big help with mom's daily needs.

It's only going to get worse, as his parents lose their independence, physically and mentally. But I know DH will call upon God for wisdom and strength.

In the words of a dear friend of the family: "Your parents are truly blessed to have you as a son." And I am blessed to have ample reasons to continue writing on this blog.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm still happy, and I still love my husband!

One of my favorite bloggers is the Happy Husband.
He writes:
"For those of you who have been wondering, I’m still a Happy Husband. I’m just not a blogging husband anymore. Even so, I still think in terms of blogging sometimes. If I’d had the time and inclination over the past few months to actually put my thoughts on the web, these are a few of the things I would have written about. We’re having another baby. Tomorrow. Literally."

Congratulations to the "Happy" family! And what a cute picture of his newborn baby girl!

Like Mr. Happy, life just gets in the way of blogging, especially through the very busy holiday season. I've been working full-time as a floral designer in a retail store. That's a sure-fire formula for stress!

But, I'm still happy! This was my best winter ever, and I rejoice daily over the lifting of the chronic depression that has plagued me for more than two years. There were recent studies that suggested that shopping has "therepeutic" benefits, so perhaps the retail environment has been helpful. Certainly, the bright lights, colorful displays, cheery music, and festive fragrances were healing to my senses.

And, yes, I STILL dearly love my husband! More on that in my next post ...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hey! I've been noticed!

Even though my name was mutilated into something "gory" (Gorybeam) -- a far cry from "glory" -- I've been noticed enough to have a post devoted to my blog on trendblogs! Interestingly, the author admits to seeking the very same blog that inspired the creation of mine. When I first read "100 reasons why I hate my husband" I was so horrified at the content, I decided to try my own blog, "Why I love my husband". Alas, since I've been working full-time, my inspiration/motivation has slowed considerably. I'm only a third of the way through 100 reasons! But, eventually my list shall be completed!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Reason #36: He's not like Ted Haggard!

(I know that title seems mean-spirited, but I hope it makes more sense after reading my post.)

Recently, DH was relating to the staff some of the details from the fall of Ted Haggard into immorality. It rocked the world of an associate pastor who was on staff with DH. John* came into the office the next morning, and without any form of perfunctory greeting, he asked: "Well, who's next? Me, or you?" DH was so taken aback that he couldn't find his voice. After a moment, he sputtered, "Neither! It doesn't have to be either one of us, John, by the grace of God!"

We had the paradoxical privilege of being honored for "Pastor Appreciation" on the same day that Pastor Ted Haggard was being dishonored and defrocked. It was a very emotional weekend, and many were reeling worldwide from the scandal at New Life Church in Colorado Springs. The higher the pedestal, the harder the fall.

Unfortunately, the ripple effect or aftershock of such a hard fall is felt by many pastors far and away. The devil likes to taunt them: he whispers words that cause fears, doubts, and worries to escalate. "What if I fall?" He tears marriages apart, one thread at a time, ripping away at years of trusted foundations, by whispering to the pastor's wife, "What if he falls?" "What if he's hiding something? What if everyone else knows, but me?"

Sitting in the church service on the morning of November 5th, I knew that many people had questions in their minds about how we were handling this scandal. Perhaps the devil was even tempting them to wonder if we would be "next" to fall. Appropriately, DH's sermon was on the "Battle for the Mind" and he cautioned about allowing such thoughts to formulate. In his series on the armor of God (Eph. 6) He used the illustration of how the helmet was the last article to put on, but the most important one to wear to war. He said that soldiers would often carry battle-axes to swing in hopes of knocking off the opponent's head. Somehow, he got his words mixed up in the point of his illustration, and he ended up putting his huge foot into his big mouth. (It's really quite a feat, but he seems to have the knack for it.) This time, his blunder was putting me in a bad light, somehow implying that I was an "old battle-axe". So I could feel the eyes of many in the audience, wondering how I would react to such an insult.

The idea that I should speak to the congregation had been birthed sometime in the wee hours of the morning; and kept growing with stronger conviction throughout the service. I hate public speaking, and especially extemporaneous speeches! I struggled with the sense of conviction that God wanted me to say something, arguing that it would be much smoother if He would only give me a week to write it all out! By the end of the service, though, I could hardly stand the thumping in my chest, and I gave in to the Holy Spirit's prompting, just so I could breathe.

Here is the transcript from our podcast: with all of the glaring grammatical errors.
I trust that the message was received with forgiveness for my emotional state.

"I am by nature a very shy person and I hate to be up in front of people but I feel very compelled this morning. Would you pray for me as I speak that I would be used of God and say the right words? I want--on this day of Pastor Appreciation--to express my profound and deep appreciation for my husband, my pastor. I love him, and more than LOVE, I deeply admire and respect him. And I am so thankful that I can say that today, especially in light of all of this situation going on with Ted Haggard. But, what I want to share with you, is yes, there are vast differences between our Pastor and Pastor Ted. But really there’s only two things that separate them, and one is humbleness: his humbleness, and the other is the grace of God; but for the grace of God, he too could fall. And in Ted’s statement that was read this morning to the congregation, he said his own pride kept him from going for help; he did try at first, but then his own pride kept him, and started him down the path of deception to his own family and his own congregation. And I am so thankful: even his name means “little or humble” and I am so thankful for the gift of humility that God gives to him. Now does he always operate in that humbleness? NO! And, does he have faults? YES! I believe he called me a “battle-axe” this morning. Ha Ha Ha! That was an example of an illustration gone very awry. But I love him in spite of his faults, and I appreciate him because I can deeply respect him for the man of God that he is, That he is as authentic behind the pulpit as he is in front of us: his family and his children. So thank you, … my Pastor!"

(* John is a pseudonym)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Birthday, Honey!

DH had his 42nd birthday, September 19. It's been a tough season for him. I don't know if it's "mid-life crisis" or "spiritual warfare" or both. I do know that he has been asking lots of questions about his gifts and calling as a pastor.

It's been hard for the whole family to have me working full-time. Quite frankly, we simply aren't making it financially and haven't been for a few years. Working full-time has helped, but the expenses still are greater than the income. We seriously need to downsize, but if we move... it's too difficult to fathom–whether it would be across town or across the continent, it would be a huge endeavor.

I forgot to mention that it's a seasonal pattern for DH (and thousands or even millions of people) to experience depression in the fall. It's called Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it's especially prevalent in northern regions, like ALASKA! So, we have tried to take all the necessary precautions and treatments available; light therapy, medications, vitamins, exercise, etc.. Just looking out the window, knowing that the darkness and the cold are encroaching upon us, is depressing!

We didn't do very much to celebrate DH's birthday. No cake, no balloons, no party. But, he did have a birthday lunch with his staff, (I was able to take an extended lunch break to attend) and he did get presents and cards, and a fruit pie.

I'm always pretty lame in the gift-giving department, but I gave him a card and a candy bar, and I cleaned the house for him (probably the most appreciated effort, since his "love language" is acts of service and domestic support.) The kids and I ordered a gift for him on-line, but it hasn't arrived yet, unfortunately.

He got to go moose-hunting with a couple of guys from church; a medic and a wilderness guide, so I wasn't too worried! He had fun, but they didn't get a moose. (Too bad, it would have helped to get a freezer-full of moose meat; it tastes great mixed with ground beef in meals like spaghetti and tacos.)

We had a very nice evening together on the night before his birthday. He took me up to Murphy Dome, where the elevation is above tree level, and we watched the sunset together, holding hands. We took lots of pictures, too. We also had a great time in bed, later that night. I would normally not mention that, but it is a very important aspect of a relationship and this is all about meeting each other's needs: and sex is a big one for most men! (DH is convinced that it helps to raise my seratonin levels also; I won't argue with him, but I've heard that chocolate does as well. :-) )

Another year, another birthday, another day to be thankful that we have each other. I really do love you, Honey–I hope your birthday was happy, and I pray that all your days will be happier!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Reason #35: He prays like my dad!

My Dh recently performed a marriage ceremony: but the bride wanted it to be "short and sweet." She would not have appreciated the eloquence and verbosity of my father's wedding sermons; and she asked that my husband make the devotional "simple".

The wedding was simply elegant: even the decorations were sparse, but beautiful. The ceremony was so simple it could have bordered on "boring" (especially since there was no music besides the prelude, processional, and recessional). DH did a fine job, even though he would have liked to add a little more "flair" to the message.

Quoted below is "A Marriage Prayer":

O God of love, you have established marriage for the welfare and happiness of mankind. Yours was the plan, and only with you can we work it out with joy. You have said, “it is not good for a man to live alone . . . I will make a helper suitable for him.” Now our joys are doubled, since the happiness of one is the happiness of the other; our burdens are halved, since, when we share them, we divide the load. Bless this husband. Bless him as provider for the needs of those he loves. Sustain him in all his struggles in the contest of life. May his strength be her protection, his character be her joy and assurance. May he so live that she may find in him the haven for which the heart of a woman truly longs. Bless this loving wife. Give her a tenderness that makes her great . . . a deep sense of understanding and a great faith in You. Give her that inner beauty of soul that never fades, eternal youth that is found in holding fast to the things that never age. May she so live that he may be pleased always to reverence and adore her.

May they never make the mistake of merely living for each other. Teach them that marriage is not living for each other. It is two uniting and joining hands to serve You, the living God. Give them a great spiritual purpose in life. May they seek first the kingdom that is yours, and its righteousness, so that all other things may be added unto them. Loving you best, they shall love each other all the more. And faithful unto You, faithful unto each other they will remain.

May they not expect that perfection of each other that belongs alone to You. May they minimize each other’s weaknesses, be swift to praise and magnify each other’s strengths and beauty, and see each other through a lover’s kind and patient eyes. Give them a little something to forgive each day, that they may grow in the grace of long-suffering and love. And may they be forbearing with each other’s omissions and commissions as You are with theirs. Make such assignments to them according to Your will as will bless them and develop their character as they walk together. Give them enough tears to keep them tender, enough hurts to keep them humane, enough of failure to keep their hands clenched tightly in Yours, and enough success to make them sure they belong to You. May they never take each other’s love for granted, but always experience that breathless wonder that exclaims: “Out of all this world, you have chosen me!” Then when life is done, and the sun is setting, may they be found, then as now, still hand in hand, still so proud, thanking you so very much for each other. May they serve You happily, faithfully, together, until at last one shall lay the other in Your arms. This we ask through Jesus Christ, great lover of souls. Amen.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Reason #34: He's a Four-wheeling Fanatic!

We recently purchased two investments: used four-wheelers, otherwise known as ATV's (all-terrain vehicles). We went further into debt for the sake of a cause: FUN! This was a deliberate choice we made as a family, as an investment into our sanity for staying in Alaska. I believe it was a response to the prayers of our son, when he was only seven years old, as we were traveling up the "Al-Can" highway, and stopped at a restaurant along the way just outside of Fairbanks. Ben prayed, "Dear God, thank you for this food, and help us to have fun in Alaska." We've been trying to do that for five years.

The kids have been having a blast riding the four-wheelers with DH. I went twice, and the last time I went it was just DH and me, so I drove. It was a beautiful day, and the trails were in good condition. I didn't get to enjoy the scenery very much, though. Between dodging branches and bugs, working to avoid deep ruts and rocks, and trying to keep up with DH at breakneck speeds, I had enough to focus on. Around every treacherous corner, I was afraid I would meet up with a bear or oncoming vehicle. All I could think about was the question, "Are we there, yet?"

I began to consider the analogy of a shopping excursion, a road trip, and an ATV outing. We all know that some people like to "conquer the trip" when it comes to taking a road trip. Those are the types that have an agenda, and a strict schedule. With military precision, they keep both hands on the wheel, and one eye on the clock. All bathroom breaks are coordinated and executed like a pitstop at a racetrack. Other people like to take road trips like a "Sunday Drive" -- ambling along, at leisure, meandering through country paths -- just out enjoying the scenery.

There are two ways to approach a shopping excursion, as well. One person (stereotypically, it's the man) goes shopping like he's a caveman out hunting in the wild. He stalks his "prey" and pounces on it, bags it and carries it out of the store. Another person likes to play on all of the senses (sight=colors; touch=textures, hearing=store music; smell=perfume; taste=samples???) for the total "shopping experience." Recent studies suggest that shopping IS theraputic, after all.

One person's relaxation and therapy can be another person's nightmare and torture! I guess that was the lesson I learned on that four-wheeling adventure. For DH, it was a rejuvenating ride out into the sunset; for me, it was a grinding-teeth, clenched-fist ordeal. All for the sake of FUN! Ah, the things we do for love!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Reason #33: He's a Fisherman and a Fisher of Men!

Two fishing trips in one week is unusual for my workaholic husband! But the salmon were "running" and the guys from church invited DH to go "dip-netting" in the Chitna River. DH took our son, Ben, for the second year in a row, on the excursion. Last year, they stood on the shore, after climbing down a treacherous cliff to get to the riverbank. This year, they were invited by someone with a boat, so they were able to maneuver the rough ridges and crevasses of the river better.

DH told me AFTER they came home that a man had nearly died the previous week at the same spot they fished. The man wore a life preserver, and was tied to shore with a safety rope, but the 47 degree water turned him into a "popsicle" quickly after he fell in, and it took rescuers over thirty minutes to pull him to shore. He was paralyzed from hypothermia, and suffered cuts and bruises from being dashed into the rocks, but he was alive!

The guys had fun, even though it was a lot of work, and the fish weren't as plentiful as they had hoped. They ended up staying the night on Tuesday, so that they could go back out for more the next day, after the rain and winds died down. They did not make it back in town for Wednesday evening mid-week service at church, which really surprised me.

Then, Saturday, DH went on another fishing adventure, ALL DAY! This time, they fished for greyling in a lake. It was raining and windy again, and they all got wet, but they got some fish, and we promptly fried it up and ate it, at the home of one of the fishermen. That meant that DH was gone all day and into the evening on Saturday, which is just unheard of. Saturdays are one of DH's favorite days to work in the office, because there is less traffic and distraction from people stopping by to see him, and all the staff members have Saturdays off.

As we crawled in to bed, DH weakly confessed, "I don't have my sermon finished or my Sunday School lesson." So, bright and early, Sunday morning, DH rose to face the day at 5:00am. He finished putting the "meat" to his outline of his sermon, and had to make a Powerpoint presentation, but the bulletin notes were already done and inserted into the bulletin.

"Change My Attitude" is the name of the sermon series that DH is preaching, and it deals with the Old Testament stories of Moses and Joshua. This time the subject was "Rebellion" and it was a powerful message. DH preached about how the Israelites grumbled and complained against their leaders, and the ground opened up and swallowed them, and fire zapped them, and plagues destroyed them. He remarked that it sounds like something out of a "sci-fi" movie, but that "this is serious stuff, folks!" Rebellion needs to be dealt with fully and completely.

Even though he didn't spend the usual obsessive amount of time at the office last week, DH did do a lot of fishing, both literally and figuratively. The culmination of the week was when he presented the message that God loves each one of us, and wants us to surrender our lives to His control, because He is a Good, Loving God. There are parts of our lives that we want to retain control over, and we try to rule our own destiny, but it is only out of rebellion.

As DH made his final comments, the conviction was so heavy it could almost be felt in the air, and the sound of crying could be heard throughout the sanctuary. Then, he masterfully "reeled in" the wayward hearts and led them to the altar of repentance. He had been practicing that technique all week in the natural realm; things of the spirit often mirror the physical.

The "fisherman" was also a "fisher of men".

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Reason #32: He's a People Person!

"Take me out to the Ball Game" (or, not ...)

Summer Solstice is a big deal here in Fairbanks, Alaska. On June 21, every year, we have a "Midnight Sun Festival" and the Goldpanners Midnight Sun Baseball game. We celebrate the fact that this game begins at 10:30pm, and goes right on through midnight, without any artificial lighting. It's usually broad daylight right up until midnight or so, and then the sun slips under the horizon and peeks back up within a two-hour period. Even if the sky is overcast, there is enough light to read a book or play a ball game all night long. It's great for weekend campouts, but not so great for ordinary weekday worknights, because the light can make you sleep-deprived.

DH bought a couple of tickets to the game, from the coordinator of our "forty's group" at church. He didn't think the kids would be interested in going along, as they vetoed the game last year. When our son, Ben, said he wanted to go, I volunteered my ticket, and said that would be a nice "father-son" outing. DH apparently didn't HEAR that information, because on the day of the game, he came home with another ticket, and informed me that I was going by saying, "I'll see you at the game after church."

When I protested, DH made a hurtful, manipulative comment about not liking people, and quoted from a book by Mike Mason, "Practicing the Presence of People." Needless to say, I went to the ball game. After an hour and a half of sitting on a cold bench, enduring cold winds and mosquitoes, and having virtually no conversation with people, (DH sat in the row ahead of me, to save seats for others in the group), I left. And I cried the whole way home. DH had brought along a staff member, and they both sat next to a single, lonely man, from our church. He was engaged in conversation the whole time; ignoring his son, and ignoring his wife. It felt just like church to me, sitting alone on a crowded pew/bench.

Oh, the games we play!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Why I love my husband as a DAD!

Taken from the Family Man Online:

My Husband As a Dad

By Thankful Moms

Family Man asked a few women out there: What about your husband/partner do you especially like about his role as a father?

These are their responses...

Recently I heard Harry Chapin's "Cat's in the Cradle” -- the tearjerker where the detached, indifferent father raises a son "just like him." This time, it made me smile because I knew that the role model for my three sons was my husband, Jonathan. As a father, he teaches them respect, sensitivity, good sportsmanship, and a love of family and learning. He has even taught them that men wash dishes. I couldn't be prouder than to say that my boys, "Grow up just like him."

-- Laurie B.

He's always there to catch our daughters when they fall, wipe their noses when they're oozing, and ease their worries when they are crying in the middle of the night. The point is, he's a dad (and husband) first and everything else is next.

-- Edye U.

I could go on and on, but here are the TOP 10 things I love about my husband being a dad:
1. He is always ready to play--even if the kids aren't!
2. He always knows the “right” thing to say -- he’s reasonable.
3. He is always cool, calm, and collected.
4. He is always giving 110 percent.
5. He is always up for a trip to Disneyland.
6. He is always positive (well, about 99.5 percent of the time).
7. He is always up for pancakes at Bob's Big Boy.
8. He is always willing to do the dirty work -- diapers, cleaning the grill for a party, doing the laundry, etc.
9. He is handy (he can put together toys).

-- Jackie F.

My husband is very handy around the house. It is a great comfort to me to know that he can fix just about anything that breaks. Growing up in a house without a dad, I really appreciate the worry that he takes off my shoulders whenever the washing machine overflows, birds make a nest in the eaves, or the pool lining rips. For the same reason, I appreciate him at night, as I am still a bit "afraid of the dark." After four kids and 11 years of marriage, I am confident that he will always be here for us. While it may sound old fashioned, he is a great provider and protector. Plus, he makes me laugh, makes a mean pancake, and still tells me I look good. I wish everyone were as lucky.

-- Elizabeth D.

When we first began talking about having kids it absolutely made me melt to have him whisper, "let's have a baby" and know that he truly meant it. When our son falls down, he runs to pick him up and wipe him off. When he's eating something, Daddy constantly worries that Joshua is going to choke. Bath time is daddy time, he changes every other diaper or pull-up and never complains. He encourages our son to take risks but never stands too far away. The thing I admire most about my husband is his commitment. His commitment to being the best daddy ever, to always be there for the important things, to always encourage and never discourage, to always love and protect his precious angels (even in the womb). It's nice to take stock every once in a while and remember what a blessing he is in our lives.

-- Amy J.

I love to see my husband, Harvey, with our daughters Jessica and Pamela enjoying themselves together. Even at the tender ages of 4 and 18 months, they enjoy listening to dad play the saxophone as they sing and dance along to familiar tunes. It is sheer joy watching them enjoy music together. My husband shows the girls that dads can really be fun.

-- Rosalind K.

Herman (daddy to Kenya and Kayla) devotes so much time and effort to his girls, from teaching them how to ride a bike to giving them baths every night. I am expecting another baby any day now and Herman ensures that the girls have dinner, baths and nightly stories, and most important, prayer time every single night. He is always up to date on what’s happening in my 7-year-old’s personal life (like she should have one). She talks to him all the time about things going on at school and in her life when she wouldn’t dare tell them to me. Where most men cannot be left with the kids for more than 2 hours, I have been able to leave my children with Daddy for 2 to 3 days at a time. I am truly grateful for a husband and father like Herman Lee.

-- Bobbie L.

Our children are our life. They have brought such joy into it. I know, especially with Easton, that life has been put into another perspective. The children look a lot like him, and act like him too. He is an amazing father and I see such pride and happiness in his eyes when they give him hugs and kisses, when they call for him. Especially when they run to him and throw their arms around his neck. He has sacrificed a lot for our children and me. Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy. Jason is truly a Daddy.

-- Stormy K.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Reason #31: He Brought Me Breakfast in Bed!

Well, sort of...

This morning, I "hollered" out to DH, who was in the kitchen, "Hey, bring me one of those muffins, would you?" and he did. A few minutes later, I piped up again from my perch in bed, and said, "Um, Honey, a cold glass of milk would sure be nice." And he brought me a glass of milk. I guess that counts, doesn't it?

I didn't get breakfast in bed for Mother's Day; thus, I was pretty well convinced I wouldn't get it this morning, or any other morning, unless I took matters into my own hands. I had a rough day, yesterday, mostly due to my unrealistic expectations and unhealthy self-esteem. Today, I woke up to a new morning, a new mind-set, and new mercies. ("Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each day." Lamentations 3:23 NLT)

Don't get me wrong--DH was wonderful about giving me a beautiful card for Mother's Day, and gifts from the kids, too. My emotional slump was not caused by anything DH did or did not do. Rather, it was about who I am, and who I really want to be or wish I was.

A man tends to rate all of life's experiences on a performance scale: do I measure up? do I have what it takes to perform? A woman, on the other hand, asks only one question, through a myriad of lenses: am I worthwhile? do I have any value or beauty?

A word of advice to all of you dear husbands: don't wait for your wives to ask you for breakfast in bed. And to all the ladies, don't expect your husbands to read your minds--if you want a muffin and some milk, you'd better ask for it, or you'll get old and grey, waiting for it.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Reason #30: He Did "Show & Tell" for Career Day!

Yesterday, DH was a special speaker for our son's chapel service. Ben (our son's nickname) goes to a private Christian School, and yesterday was "Career Day". A nurse, a doctor, a fireman, and an engineer were some of the invited guests, but only my husband, the minister, showed up to speak. (Halfway through his presentation a mechanic arrived, so he was able to participate also.)

DH did such a wonderful job! He made his speech into an object lesson, pulling "tools of the trade" out of his briefcase, just like a child's version of "Show and Tell!" He interacted with the children from the first "Good Morning!" telling them that they were more responsive than his own congregation when they cheerily shouted back a greeting.

The first "tool" he pulled from his briefcase was a huge red heart, cut out of construction paper. This was the most important tool of ministry, he said, because without a heart you cannot love God and love people. He recommended not going into the ministry without a real love for people.

The second tool was like the first, a construction-paper-cut-out ear. As with his first object, he asked the children for responses: "Why do you think you would need an ear in ministry?" The students answered well: "to hear what God is saying to you, so you can tell the people"; and, "to listen to people who are hurting and have problems."

DH's third tool was a clock. "Now, clocks don't mean anything to a pastor when he is preaching," he quipped, but he explained that a clock represented time, schedules, and priorities. "No, pastors don't work only on Sundays," he laughingly retorted to a kindergartner in the front row. "I put in about 50 - 60 hours a week, but I like to work, so I could live at the church and be happy."

Reaching back into his briefcase, DH pulled out a white towel. "What do you think I would need this for?" he quizzed the crowd. "Wiping the sweat off your face," one very astute little girl volunteered. "Drying off the ones who got baptized," said another clever little boy. "Yes, those are right answers," DH agreed, "But, does anyone remember a story in the Bible, where Jesus might have used a towel like this to wash something? In the Book of John, chapter 13, Jesus washed the feet of all his disciples to show them that being like Jesus meant being a servant. A minister must always be willing to serve people."

"Two more tools and then I'm done," DH said, for his concluding remarks. He pulled out a thick black Bible, and held it up high. "This is your textbook," he said. "If you want to be a pastor, and show people the ways of God, you have to know the ways of God. Learn to love the Word of God, and study the Bible as hard as you would study for one of Mr. Smith's tests." (Mr. Smith is the high school teacher.)

Finally, DH pulled out a telephone from his briefcase, and held it up. "In the ministry, you have to always be available, always "on call" for people in crisis. This phone rings a lot in our house. That's something our family has become accustomed to, and they know that I have to answer the telephone when someone calls for me. Another thing that this telephone represents is the calling of God. I don't recommend going into the ministry if you are not 100% sure that you are called to be a pastor. You have to know that you know He has called you, and God will confirm his calling to you in many ways."

Short and sweet, his presentation lasted about fifteen minutes--and then the school principal came up to ask for questions from the audience. He answered a few questions, and thanked the principal for inviting him, and then it was the mechanic's turn for "Show and Tell". Conversely, the mechanic did not bring any tools of his trade, so he had to just talk about them.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Reason #29: He's a Competitive Sports Player!

I cheered my DH on in his first game of the season with the church softball league tonight. He's a bit rusty, and more than a bit out of shape, but my man's still "got it"! He was so cute today, worrying about the game tonight. He went to the batting cages; he practiced throwing balls with Mia; he bought new cleats and conditioned his ball glove; he even looked up the softball rules on the internet to refresh his memory.

He played catcher on the church team for years, but it was fifteen years ago! Tonight, he played a catcher again. He went two for three--hitting two doubles--and he caught two foul balls, and tagged one out at home. Most of the team members acted impressed with his performance. One of the onlookers commented, "He's a pretty competitive player, isn't he?" I heard one guy say, "Wow! He did good!" after DH made solid contact with the bat and sank it into a hole deep in left field, paving the way for a double. On his second time at bat, DH hit another double, and one team member shouted, "Take two! Full steam ahead!" DH hustled, and made it to second base, but he told me later, "I didn't have the heart to tell him I was already running full steam ahead!" He got some good comments from the coach, and lots of good-natured ribbing about being the oldest guy on the team.

One thing is sure, DH is gonna be sore tomorrow! He called my cell phone while I was picking up a few groceries after work, and asked me to bring him home some "icy hot"--planning ahead for the pain. Those leg muscles got a work-out tonight; all that squatting at the batter's box!

I think it will be a good experience for DH to get back out and play a little ... as long as he doesn't hurt himself! It's fun to cheer for our team, and for him, and show the world that I'm his biggest fan!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Reason #28: He's a Wonderful Funeral Officiant!

I know preachers are supposed to do weddings and funerals; that's all part of their job description. Like the old preacher's joke says, "I can hatch 'em, match 'em, and dispatch 'em!" But, my DH truly has a gift when it comes to funeral officiating.

We had a funeral on Saturday that included FIVE ministers, one Bible college student, and various family members participating in the program. It took a well-organized, diplomatic person to plan and direct that ceremony.

Even if each minister took only five minutes (that would be a miracle!) it would take twenty-five minutes to complete the ceremony. Add to that a poem, two video presentations, three hymns, and several comments from the congregation--it could take up to three hours!

The memorial service started out well, beginning (on time!) with a slide presentation. Each pastor spoke briefly, sharing a scripture or two, and eulogizing the beloved departed one. Interspersed with the speakers, a congregational hymn was sung, and a poem was read. The service was flowing smoothly along, until ... a dear elderly lady was invited to the microphone to share memories of her time as a Bible student under the discipleship of the memorialized professor. As she began to share her memories, more memories surfaced, and more stories were shared. Five minutes passed, then ten, then twenty. It became more about her own life story than about the history of the one who had passed away.

Surely you have been subjected to a similar discomfort as a tortured member of a captive audience, when the speaker went on endlessly, oblivious to the anguished body language of the "bored-to-tears" listeners. You could probably identify with those who suffered in silence, stifling yawns, and suppressing the urge to get up and leave. So, too, you would relate to the shock and relief that passed through the crowd, when my DH sprang into action!

DH had prepared for this very "snag" in the program, by coming down from the platform, and sitting on the front row, very near the place where the microphone stood. He offered the dear lady that microphone to speak from, rather than allowing her to "take the pulpit" and hoped that would assure brevity to her remarks. When it became apparent that nothing was going to work, he very tactfully and lovingly intervened. A cell phone rang in the audience, catching the speaker off guard, and taking advantage of the brief lull, my DH rose from the pew, grabbed the woman in a half-hug, and addressed the audience with the words: "Aren't you thankful for what God has done in this woman's life?" (He used her name, of course, but I shan't.) "Let's all give the Lord praise for what He has done." And the crowd clapped, a little too enthusiastically but nonetheless, with praise!

Escorting her to the front pew, he sat her down, and then took his place back up on the platform. Immediately, in unison, three of the other ministers whispered, "Good job!" as he sat down, and one of them said, "I could never have done that!" in tones of wonderment and awe.

A second slide presentation was shown, another minister spoke, and then DH offered some closing comments. Before he gave the benediction, he announced that a microphone would be set up in the fellowship hall for those who wished to add their comments, and a video recorder would permanently memorialize their tributes.

I think my DH met the expectations of the scripture verse: Let all things be done decently and in order. (1 Corinthians 14:40 KJV) I also think he exceeded the expectations of the family and friends, in paying tribute to their loved one, by honoring him with a truly wonderful memorial service.

--And that's just one of the many reasons why I love my husband!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Reason #27: He has a Pleasant Voice!

DH has a very nice "easy-listening" voice. His tonal quality is a sort of bass-baritone, with a pleasant resonance: not too "nasal" or with too much vibrato. He has what is often called a "radio voice" -- thankfully, without the "face that was made for radio"!

There is a radio program called "Nightsounds" hosted by Bill Pierce, that "offers excitingly beautiful and mellow music and verbal support, to meet the spiritual, emotional and ... physical needs of ... listeners who need a touch of quiet, soul satisfying inspiration and hope...". This is the kind of program that DH could easily step into, as a radio host.

I played a portion of the program over the internet, and DH instantly recognized the voice, and named the program! It's been years since we both heard that program; after all, it's only on in the "wee hours" of the morning; but with internet access, and the time difference, we can listen to it now at early evening hours!

I've often said that DH should "moonlight" as a radio host for a religious program, on a local radio station. He truly has a pleasant voice.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Reason #26: He Can Sing!

Moving on to the next 25 reasons, I'd like to cheat a bit and emphasize two aspects of the same subject: his voice! My DH has a pleasant voice, which I will elaborate on more in Reason #26.

Since we both recently participated in our church Easter Musical presentation, I have to say that I am proud of my DH. He can sing! He was a valuable asset to the bass section, and I hope I helped to contribute to the soprano section.

DH was a late bloomer, in regards to vocal accomplishment. He went away to college, took a few voice lessons, and surprised everyone who knew him when he came home and sang a solo in church.

Of course, it's no surprise to me that he can sing. That was one of the requirements on my list for a future mate! We sang together during long romantic walks on our college campus. We sang together in Revivaltime Choir, a famous traveling college choir and radio broadcast program. We sang together in churches and nursing homes.

DH hasn't done a whole lot of singing, though. He sang "It is Well With My Soul" at his grandmother's funeral about four years ago. I think that's the last time he sang a solo.

A voice is like an instrument. If it gets out of practice, the voice gets a little "rusty" and crackly. DH said he had a bit of trouble with his voice, during the rehearsals and even the actual presentation. But, I'm sure no one else would have noticed.

I hope that DH continues to sing, exercising his instrument for God's glory!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

"I just don't love him anymore!"

(April FOOL's!)

In this lame attempt at an April Fool's joke, I have copied an article with some very good advice about a subject that is no joke!

Do I love my husband?

QuestionI've been married for 20 years to a kind, but boring, man. I have always gone out with my friends and had a good time, but recently I met a man at a club and I can't stop thinking about him. I even sent him an email through Friends Reunited, but he hasn't replied.

Now I'm very depressed and don't know if I love my husband any more. I have told him how I feel, and although he says he is willing to change and that we'll do more together, I think it's too late. How can I feel so strongly about a man I've only known for two hours?

AnswerIt sounds as if you've been unhappy with your marriage for a while, and now you've met someone you like, that unhappiness seems really clear. All the negative emotion you've been pushing down has come shooting up - so you feel angry, upset and rejecting towards your husband. And all the positive emotion you haven't felt for years has also come shooting up - so you feel passionate, needy and obsessed with this other man.

Problem is, what you feel for him isn't real and it isn't love. You don't know him so you can't possibly love him, care for him or build a relationship with him. Plus, of course, there's no evidence that he wants you.

This is tough talking, I know, but you need to realise two things. First, what you're feeling for this man is not the basis for leaving your husband. Secondly, that something is wrong with your marriage and you need to sort it out.

It's almost certainly possible to mend your relationship with your husband if the two of you are willing to try. But you won't be able to do it alone. Arrange some counselling sessions with Relate. If through the sessions you realise that your marriage is at an end, the counsellor will help you part in the best possible way.

The bottom line here, hard though it is, is that what you feel for this man does not mean that you and he have a future together. But he has given you a gift - the courage to sort your life out!

Seriously, if you can relate to this article, I pray that you will find someone to offer counsel and spiritual guidance for your relationship.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

100 ways to Love Your Husband!

Having made it to 25 reasons (WHEW!), I decided to take a bit of a breather, and post a list that somebody else has made. This one is more proactive: rather than focusing on what your spouse does (or doesn't do) to show love to you, try listing ways that you can love him or her instead.


(Author Unknown) (Click on the title above for original website)

Discuss this list with your husband. Ask him to check the ones most meaningful to him and then arrange them in order of importance to him. Use this list as a basis for learning his views. Your relationship can be greatly strengthened as you use these suggestions.

  1. Communicate with him respectfully.
  2. Regard him as important and let him know he's important to you.
  3. Do everything you can to at least understand his feelings—even when you disagree with him.
  4. Be interested in his friends and occasionally give him time with them (if they are trust-worthy men).
  5. Ask for his opinion and let him know you value what he says.
  6. Tell him you both love him AND like him.
  7. Let him feel your approval and affections.
  8. Protect his dignity on a daily basis.
  9. Be tender with him realizing he has feelings also.
  10. Foster an atmosphere of laughter in your home. Look for ways to laugh together.
  11. Avoid sudden major changes without discussion giving him time to adjust.
  12. When you go out on a date together don't bring up problems—reserve that time to one of having fun together.
  13. Focus on what he's doing right, instead of focusing so often on the negatives.
  14. Show interest in what he feels is important in life.
  15. Correct him gently and in private.
  16. Recognize that the first few minutes after a spouse comes home often sets the stage for the way the rest of the evening will go. So try to make the first few minutes of seeing each other a more positive experience if possible. (And then ease into the negative if it's necessary.)
  17. Make special time available to him apart from the children.
  18. Don't allow any family member to treat him disrespectfully. You should be the one to defend him to any family member that dishonors his place as your husband.
  19. Compliment him often.
  20. Be creative when you express your love, both in words and in actions.
  21. Talk with him about having specific family goals for each year to work on to achieve together so you will both feel closer to each other as a marital team.
  22. Don't over commit yourself. Leave time for him.
  23. Be forgiving when he offends you.
  24. Find ways to show him you need him.
  25. Encourage alone time for him when it's possible. (This energizes him to reconnect with you at other times.)
  26. Admit your mistakes; don't be afraid to be humble. Peel away your pride.
  27. Defend him to anyone who is being disrespectful in their talk about him, remembering that love protects (1 Corinthians 13:7).
  28. Respect his desire to do well—not his performance.
  29. Rub his feet or neck, or scratch his back after a hard day.
  30. Take time for the two of you to sit and talk calmly (schedule it when necessary).
  31. Initiate going out on romantic outings (when he's not tired).
  32. Write him a letter occasionally, telling him how much you love him.
  33. Surprise him with a fun gift of some kind.
  34. Express how much you appreciate him for working so hard to support the family.
  35. Tell him how proud you are of him.
  36. Give advice in a loving way — not in a nagging or belittling way.
  37. Help your husband to be the Spiritual head of the home (without "lording" it over him that you're helping).
  38. Look for ways to reserve some of your energies for him so you're not so tired when he wants and needs you sexually.
  39. Don't expect him to do projects beyond his capabilities. All men aren't born equal in this area of expertise.
  40. Pray for him to enjoy God's best in life.
  41. Take the time to notice what he has done for you and the family.
  42. Brag about him to other people both in front of him and even when he's not there.
  43. Share your thoughts and feelings with him (but keep it brief when he's tired—sometimes men can feel "flooded" by too many words).
  44. Tell him 3 things you specifically appreciate about him.
  45. Honor him in front of the children (and differ respectfully in private when it's necessary).
  46. Give him time to unwind for a few minutes after coming home from work, and then take your "time out", giving him a few minutes with the children.
  47. Get up with him, even when he gets up earlier than you want to and pray with him. (Hopefully you can go back to sleep afterwards. If not, it's a sacrifice worth making.)
  48. Be his "help-mate" in whatever ways you sense he needs it.
  49. Do some shoulder-to-shoulder activities with him (like watching a movie or driving quietly in a car) without talking. Sometimes men just like to BE with you and not talk.
  50. Be a student of your husband's ways so you can show your love for him in ways he'll better comprehend it.
  51. When your husband is in a bad mood—give him quiet time to recover.
  52. Help him to finish his goals, hobbies, or education when he needs your help.
  53. Treat him as if God has stamped on his forehead: "Handle With Care".
  54. Work to get rid of habits that annoy him.
  55. Be kind & thoughtful to his relatives. Don't make him choose between you & them.
  56. Don't compare his relatives with yours in a negative way.
  57. Thank him for things he's done around the house. (It means a lot to men).
  58. Don't expect credit for all you do for him and the household. Do it as "unto the Lord".
  59. Make sure he understands everything important that you're planning to do.
  60. Do little things for him—an unexpected kiss, coffee in bed, etc.
  61. Don't belittle his intelligence or be cynical in your words with him.
  62. Initiate sex periodically. And respond more often.
  63. Sometimes let him enjoy his day off work without having to "work" at home.
  64. Get to the point in your discussions with him. Spare him details unless he wants them.
  65. Discover his sexual needs.
  66. Surprise him with a 15 second kiss when he gets home from work.
  67. Wink at him from across the room when you're out at a group function.
  68. Give him the benefit of the doubt when he says things in a wrong way. Think, "What's he really trying to say?"
  69. Don't quarrel over words.
  70. Don't forget to use common courtesies with your husband. (Too often we're kinder to strangers than we are to our own spouse.)
  71. When something goes wrong, instead of assessing blame, focus on how to do better.
  72. Never say, "I told you so."
  73. Don't argue over money. Peacefully discuss future expenditures instead.
  74. Take him out on dates—pre-planning all of the details ahead of time.
  75. Hold his hand in public. Snuggle up close to him at times both at home and in public.
  76. Praise his good decisions; minimize the bad ones. (And if you need to discuss the bad ones do so respectfully, looking for ways to make better decisions in the future.)
  77. Tell him you love him often.
  78. Put love notes in his pockets and brief case.
  79. Sit with him while he's watching television—even if the program doesn't interest you.
  80. Don't ask of him to read your mind. (Family's are spared the grief when a husband isn't required to read their wife's mind despite the fact that the woman thinks he should.)
  81. Periodically, give him time with his family alone.
  82. Check with him before you throw away his junky looking papers. (He may view them as more important than you realize.)
  83. Work to keep yourself in shape in every way.
  84. Let him express himself freely, without fear of being called stupid or illogical.
  85. Carefully choose your words, especially when angry—remembering, as the Bible says, to "speak the truth in LOVE".
  86. Don't criticize him in front of others—keeping his dignity in tact.
  87. Visit his childhood home with him.
  88. When you're angry with him, express it in ways that are respectful. Don't give him the silent treatment.
  89. Pray for him.
  90. Make him homemade soup when he's sick.
  91. Look your best—dress to honor him and make him proud to be seen with you.
  92. Support him when someone tries to put him down. Be his best cheer leader.
  93. Don't disagree with him in front of the children.
  94. Take him for a weekend get-away without the children.
  95. Cheer his successes whether in business or in other areas of everyday living.
  96. Be gracious in teaching him how to show you ways that will demonstrate his love for you.
  97. Give him coupons to redeem—maybe for a back scratch or a shoulder rub.
  98. Buy him a gift certificate to his favorite lunch spot and put it in his wallet.
  99. Hide notes for him around the house where only he will find them.
  100. Thank him for just being himself.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Reason #25: He's giving me "A Weekend to Remember!"

This coming weekend, DH and I will drive to Anchorage, AK, (about 400 miles south) for a marriage retreat! That is the plan, at least, God willing.

DH's father had a heart attack last weekend. (He turned 83 years old in February.) DH wasn't sure if he needed to fly down to be with them or not, but his dad is fine, though recovering from two separate procedures to place stints in two of his arteries (one was 80% blocked, the other one was 100% blocked). He has friends and family there to support them.

My step-dad is celebrating his 60th birthday this Friday night, with a big party. If it were not for the marriage retreat, I would have probably taken a flight to visit him and my mom. He'll be fine, though; there will be many friends and family there to honor his birthday.

I'm almost holding my breath in anticipation of this "Weekend to Remember" marriage retreat! I've waited so long ... I've been asking DH to take me to some sort of marriage retreat for twenty years. In that twenty years, we have hosted several retreats, taught at some retreats, and counseled many couples to go to marriage retreats. But, DH always had some excuse or another for not going with me to a retreat just for our marriage. Pastors have free registration, so that's not a good excuse--and the one about him being "too busy" is not a very good excuse, either.

As we approach our twentieth anniversary (20 years!!!) this coming May, DH has graciously granted me the opportunity of a lifetime, and signed us up for "A Weekend to Remember" for a lifetime!

All things considered, this is probably the best time ever to go to a retreat. I've heard DH muttering to himself about not wanting to attend a marriage retreat now that things are going pretty well in our relationship, for fear that some issues will come up that will "muck it all up."

Truly, we have been doing quite well relationally, and I think it is a wonderful time to build upon a healthy foundation and strengthen it with intimacy-building exercises. If we had gone last year, when I was in the throes of a terrible depression, it might not have been so edifying!

Thank you, Lord, for healing me of depression, and for allowing our relationship to improve so much that we can look forward to "A Weekend to Remember".

Thank you, DH, for being brave enough to schedule it! I can't wait!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Reason #24: He's my "Hottie"!

Today, at work, one single female friend remarked to another single female co-worker, "There's a real Hottie"! (Cute Guy) I was standing within earshot, and I looked up with a quizzical look on my face. Mary asked me, "Did you see the Hottie?" I still registered a blank face, so she repeated herself. Finally, I asked, "What hottie?" As soon as the word passed my lips, the meaning of the word dawned on me, and I laughed out loud. "Oh Mary," I quipped, "I'm immune to hotties. I never notice them." I joked about having my head in my paperwork, and how focused I stay on my work. Then, I said, "I think my husband is a real "hottie" so I never have to look at any other guys."

They both made comments about how nice it was that I had that kind of a relationship with my husband, but one of them wryly commented that I still had eyes that could be used. I think they found it rather hard to believe that I wouldn't even notice if a cute guy walked by.

I'd rather have a boring Monday at work, and miss all the cute guys walking by, because I know I have a "hottie" to come home to. How sad I was for the husbands on the Dr. Phil show tonight, whose wives were out partying, doing drugs, and flashing private parts. Those marriages are headed for a train-wreck!

Dear DH (Dear "Hottie"),
Like the words of the song sung by the famous crooner, Frank Sinatra, "I only have eyes for you."