Thursday, April 27, 2006

Reason #27: He has a Pleasant Voice!

DH has a very nice "easy-listening" voice. His tonal quality is a sort of bass-baritone, with a pleasant resonance: not too "nasal" or with too much vibrato. He has what is often called a "radio voice" -- thankfully, without the "face that was made for radio"!

There is a radio program called "Nightsounds" hosted by Bill Pierce, that "offers excitingly beautiful and mellow music and verbal support, to meet the spiritual, emotional and ... physical needs of ... listeners who need a touch of quiet, soul satisfying inspiration and hope...". This is the kind of program that DH could easily step into, as a radio host.

I played a portion of the program over the internet, and DH instantly recognized the voice, and named the program! It's been years since we both heard that program; after all, it's only on in the "wee hours" of the morning; but with internet access, and the time difference, we can listen to it now at early evening hours!

I've often said that DH should "moonlight" as a radio host for a religious program, on a local radio station. He truly has a pleasant voice.