Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why I need an Extreme Blog MakeOver!

I started this blog back in 2005, exactly three years ago. I'm still just over a third of the way through my list of 100 Reasons Why I Love My Husband...

The Inspiration Behind "100 Reasons..."

I have to admit, I was taken aback by the title of a blog I saw. It can be found by searching for "...I Hate My Husband" on Google. What a sad story! Yet, just this morning I found myself thinking more negatively than positively about my own relationship with my husband. I decided, then and there, to put into action a thought I had about focusing on the good things. It's all about perspective. "Garbage in=garbage out!"
When I choose to dwell on "whatsoever things are lovely, pure, and of good report..." it affects my whole outlook. So, it's time for some serious reflections on the man I married... and why I CHOOSE to LOVE him!

Three years and 39 Reasons later, I still CHOOSE to love my husband. I just need a motivational "kick" to finish what I started. I know that people need to hear the message that love is a choice! Marriages are suffering; husband and wife relationships are strained--and people often buy into the lie that they can and should end their marriage based on how they feel or don't feel. What ever happened to commitment, what about the vows made at the altar?

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